New Year's Resolution: Maggie Small

November 28, 2001

Successful ballet dancers all share one trait: a relentless determination to improve. To close out 2012,
Pointe reached out to dancers we covered this past year to find out their resolutions for the next one.

Maggie Small

Richmond Ballet

“My boyfriend Tommy was recently out for some pretty serious tendonitis and was doing a lot of physical therapy to get back in time for Nutcracker. He keeps talking about how his exercises in PT are making him rethink how he uses his muscles and approaches things in class and rehearsal. I have my standard PT exercises, Pilates and yoga stuff that I always do, but when we return from Nutcracker, I’m planning to take more time with the physical therapist we have at the ballet to find out new weaknesses or habits that have crept in that could potentially pose danger in terms of injury or that may just be making dancing more difficult. It’s so easy to fall into a routine with the cross-training exercises we do, and I think I could stand to update my routine outside of the studio. I always try to make an effort to be as efficient as possible in how I use my body so I can dance longer and stronger. Hopefully this resolution will continue my attempts at longevity, productivity and performance.”

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