Revisiting Pointe's Past Cover Stars: Patricia Delgado (August/September 2010)

August 13, 2020

We revisited some of Pointe‘s past cover stars for their take on how life—and ballet—has changed.

Patricia Delgado, August/September 2010

Principal dancer, Miami City Ballet

Part-time Juilliard faculty, répétiteur, freelance dancer and Broadway producer

Delgado, in a red leotard and skirt and red pointe shoes with socks, poses in a back attitude, smiling at the camera, on a red background with white text.

On being a
cover star: “Being a homegrown Miami girl, appearing on the cover was a really big deal. I remember flying to New York with my tutu for the photo shoot and thinking, What is my life? It was so surreal and fancy. When the cover came out, and seeing that people were looking up to me and that I needed to be a role model, I feel like that was the beginning of knowing what I wanted to do after I stopped dancing. It is kind of beautiful to talk about it, because I am focused so much more now on how to share and give back.”

Peck, in black jeans, a colorful shirt, and white sneakers, holds Delgado's arm, who's flying in the air in a yellow romper and white sneakers.

Patricia Delgado and Justin Peck in Peck’s Sleep Well Beast

Paula Lobo, Courtesy Patricia Delgado

What’s changed since then:
“I retired from MCB and moved to New York to be with my husband, Justin Peck. I freelance danced, began teaching at Juilliard, staged Justin’s ballets around the world and was associate choreographer on the upcoming Steven Spielberg film, West Side Story. Currently, I am a producer on a Broadway musical that Justin is developing.”

Advice for dancers:
“The expectations we demand of ourselves are important motivators, but part of what makes each dancer so captivating and unique is a sense of self and an acceptance of one’s own physique and artistry. Be curious of what else you can learn, without expectations and being judgmental of yourself.”