Pennsylvania Ballet Initiates a New Choreographer's Workshop

January 17, 2017

Pennsylvania is joining the ranks of companies like New York City Ballet, BalletX and more, which offer workshops to support early-career choreographers. At PA Ballet, four choreographers will have the opportunity to create work on PB II, the second company. Three are company members themselves: Russell Ducker and Alexandra Hughes dance in the corps, while Ekaterina Pokrovskaya a member of PB II. The fourth choreographer, Edgar Anido, has Cuban roots and is a former member of Complexions Contemporary Ballet and BalletX. Corella is cultivating local, and homegrown, talent.

Anido, Ducker, Hughes and Pokrovskaya, have diverse training backgrounds: Anido is versed in the slippery, grounded movement of contemporary ballet; Hughes is a former SAB student trained in Balanchine technique; Ducker was trained at the Royal Ballet School and previously danced in Corella’s Barcelona Ballet; while Pokrovskaya received her training in Russia. Though all four are early-career choreographers, Ducker created several works for Barcelona Ballet and won choreographic awards while he was still a student.

The one-night-only performance will be on February 25, at 7:00pm.