Reboot Your Artistry

November 28, 2001

When Angelin Preljocaj asked Bolshoi Ballet dancers to improvise while creating a joint ballet on that company and his two years ago, the room exploded. “They went crazy!” he told Scotsman reporter Kelly Apter, “and did things very differently from the dancers in this part of Europe, who are used to improvising. This rubbed off on my dancers, and for me it was a lesson that we’re like computers, and sometimes we have to re-boot to do things in a
different way.” Two of the Bolshoi dancers had such a good time, they even left Russia to join Ballet Preljocaj! Most bunheads dread the frightening freedom of improv. But you never know what might inspire you.


Ballet Preljocaj performs And Then, One Thousand Years Of Peace (unfortunately without the Bolshoi dancers) this weekend at the Edinburgh Festival.