What to Watch: Ballettschule Theater Basel's New Documentary

August 10, 2017

It’s always cool to see what other dancers are up to throughout the day. It’s even cooler when you get to shadow them for a true day-in-the-life look, like in Ballettschule Theater Basel‘s new documentary. The Prix de Lausanne partner school is based in Switzerland, but counts students from around the world as part of its professional training program.

Directed by Rubén Darío Bañol H, the documentary—which is a quick watch at just under 12 minutes—gives you an inside peek at the school. The video includes commentary from some of the school’s students themselves, as well as from Ballettschule Theater Basel director Amanda Bennett, Ballett Basel director Richard Wherlock and teachers Francois Petit, Selatin Kara and Cinthia Labaronne. From studio footage of classes and rehearsals to onstage performances, it’s worth the watch!