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Miami City Ballet’s Summer Intensive: The Compassionate Professional-Company Experience

Ask current Miami City Ballet corps member Juliet Hay to describe her first summer at Miami City Ballet School, and one word comes to mind first: “intense.” While that may sound obvious—aren’t all summer intensives by their very nature “intense”?—the word takes on deeper meaning when it comes to MCB School’s summer programming. “Not a […]

2020 Stars of the Corps: Miami City Ballet's Nina Fernandes

Flying across the stage in her February debut as the Firebird, Miami City Ballet’s Nina Fernandes was electrifying and commanding. MCB’s new Firebird production is sleeker and flashier than Balanchine and Robbins’ original, and Fernandes more than rose to the occasion, imbuing the role with an easy control and innate vivacity. A native of Brazil, […]

Inside Miami City Ballet Principal Katia Carranza's Dance Bag

When it comes to studio essentials, Miami City Ballet principal Katia Carranza has a classic sense of style. Her Lululemon dance bag is filled with warm-ups in pink, black, gray and navy. “I like legwarmers from the knee down,” she says. “Keeping my calves and ankles warm is so important, but if my thighs are […]

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