How Spring Flowers Could Help Your Dancing

April 14, 2016

There are so many reasons to love spring: more chances to get outside, milder temperatures, longer days. Not to mention, an abundance of flowers. While spring blooms add a little more color and brightness to the world, their presence can have a very real effect on your mood and energy level—which just might help your dancing.

Here are a couple research-backed benefits of fresh flowers:

Brighten your morning.
Coffee isn’t the only way to get a pick-me-up before an early rehearsal. One Harvard study found that people who looked at flowers first thing in the morning felt happier, more energized and less anxious.

Boost creativity and make the most of your studio time. Studies of office workers have found that people generate more innovative ideas when plants are present in their workplace, and they’re more productive throughout the day. Even if you aren’t surrounded by blooms at your studio, try cross-training outdoors when possible or heading to a nearby park during a break time.