Slipper Superheroes: From Dancer Favorites to Recent Releases, These 6 Slippers Are Worth Trying

April 17, 2018

From the latest launches to forever favorites, these stretch-canvas flats will (comfortably) keep you on your toes:

Bloch Inc. Infinity

Bloch combined the top features from two of their best-selling shoes to create this arch-enhancing slipper. An elastic top line (instead of draw- string) allows the shoe to mold to your foot, and a ridge-less outsole helps with balances and turns by giving the toes more room to spread out.

Só Dança SD16 Bliss

Available in seven colors and six widths, Só Dança’s all-stretch-canvas flat also promises to hug your arch on demi-pointe—without a pesky drawstring.

Capezio Hanami

For a slipper that perfectly contours to the shape of your foot, Capezio developed a four-way-stretch canvas shoe that’s seamless along the arch and includes flat pleats.

Sansha Mega-Stretch

Sansha’s newest addition includes a hidden elastic down the center of the split-sole to give the arch more flexibility.

Bloch Inc. Performa

A stretch-canvas multitasker, the Performa also features shock-absorbing cushion at the heel and a fitted toe shape that was designed to make balanc- ing a breeze.

Grishko StretchTek

New for 2018, this split-sole slipper comes with pre-sewn Grishko-embossed elastic, as well as padding in the heel and metatarsal.