Dance Like Everyone's Watching

November 28, 2001

Wow! Already time for the second performance? The time on the tour has been flying by so quickly!  My schedule today consisted of the following: At 9 AM my studio members went down to have breakfast, where we saw all the other student performers and some of the professionals. After that, the entire group from the show took a class taught by Mikhail Kaniskin, a professional from the Berlin State Opera Ballet who is performing two contemporary pieces. Then we had a run-through of the entire show. The professional dancers went first (it was so cool to watch them from the wings, not from the audience where you would usually see their dancing!). Finally, after rehearsal, the dancers rushed back to the hotel. Everyone literally picked up their costumes and makeup and dashed back to the theater where we only had about 45 minutes to get ready.

I was the first to perform! After a good warm-up and my usual routine, I was prepared. But when I stepped onstage the audience lights didn’t dim! It made me feel a little uncomfortable. Ever hear the saying “dance like nobody is watching?” I definitely did not feel that way tonight! Nonetheless, my performance went well. My second dance, oops (a group piece) also went very well. As soon as the performance ended, the dancers, professionals, teachers and director of YAGP, Larissa Savliev, all went to dinner together. The night was filled with laughter and excitement! 


Off to dance,

Tyler Donatelli

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