Inside Dayesi Torriente’s Dance Bag

November 22, 2021

Philadelphia Ballet principal Dayesi Torriente’s dance bag is all about the essentials. As the company prepares for its return to live performances next month, Torriente is rehearsing for two classics: The Nutcracker and Swan Lake. Her textured foam roller helps her through her busy days. “I can’t do without it,” she says. “I have to work on the muscles in my arms, because Swan Lake is really hard on them. I use my roller every day—after rehearsals, before shows and after shows.”

Torriente—who was previously a principal with the National Ballet of Cuba—uses her in-studio style to get into character. “I do my outfit according to the ballet I’m dancing or rehearsing,” she says. “I try to feel like I’m in the story. I also have skirts that I match with my leotards, and I wear a practice tutu for any ballet that needs one.”

Dayesi Torriente's dance bag items.
Arian Molina Soca

The Goods

Pointe shoes: “Right now, I’m trying Bloch. I carry a lot of shoes. I use Jet Glue to strengthen them if they get too soft. I also have a sewing kit with scissors and needles.”

Foot care: “I use Grishko socks, because I always have blisters. They protect my feet and make me feel so comfortable. I wear them every day. I also use 2nd Skin, tape, a small roller for my arches and Bloch booties.”

Masks: “If I have a lot of rehearsals and I’m sweating, I have to replace the one I have on.”

Nail file: “I always wear a good nail polish. When I have perfect nails, I feel like my fingers are longer and my port de bras looks better.”

Dayesi Torriente is lying on the floor, surrounded by the contents of her dance bag.
Arian Molina Soca

Water bottle: “This is very important. It has cute messages on it to get me motivated to drink a lot of water.”

Knee support: “If I have to jump a lot in a ballet, my brace from Paragon Sports gives protection.”

Staying fresh: “I use Victoria’s Secret Lavender and Vanilla Fragrance Mist on my body. Caudalie Grape Water Mist is great for my face. When I have that kind of sweaty feeling and need to clean off, Huggies wipes are good.”

Dance bag: “Mine is from Lululemon.”