When It Comes to Style, PNB Principal Lindsi Dec Favors Functional Comfort

January 29, 2015

This story originally appeared in the February/March 2015 issue of Pointe.

Lindsi Dec likes to keep things simple. “I’m all about comfort,” she says. “What I wear is mainly about how my body feels that day and my rehearsal schedule.” She looks for pieces that fit well, from stores like Express. “I don’t know if it’s because we live in Seattle, but I like darker colors,” she jokes. In the studio, she wears lots of layers—two pairs of socks, pants over leggings or tights and a vest over a long-sleeved shirt—and most of those layers come from her favorite brand, Mondetta Performance Gear. “It looks like I’m advertising for them, but that’s really what I wear!” she says. Many of her ballet clothes, though, don’t come from a store at all; they’re hand-me-downs passed on from other company dancers. “Everyone’s locker is basically everyone else’s at PNB,” she says. “We’re a big family.”