Rachele Buriassi's Chic Style From Studio to Street

July 4, 2017

Rachele Buriassi loves leotards: In her 12 years as a professional dancer, the Boston Ballet soloist estimates that she’s accumulated over 150 of them. “Maybe it’s because we spend most of the day in ballet clothes,” she says. “I like to have many options.” Her collection includes leotards bought on tour in France and Spain, ordered online and designed by Buriassi herself, with the help of Kenneth Busbin in BB’s costume department. “You can choose the color and design it, and then he will make it for you,” she says. Routine is important to her, and she tries to get to the studio at least half an hour early to choose her outfit, tape her toes and start warming up. “But I never do my hair for class,” she laughs, preferring to wear it down or in a braid.

Outside the studio, Buriassi goes for a stylish yet low-key vibe, often choosing designer brands. “I don’t want to look like I’ve been thinking too much about it,” she says. Don’t let that attitude fool you, though: She loves to shop, especially while traveling. “Whenever I go somewhere, I like to have a day to shop and look for different special things,” she says. That desire to find unique and meaningful pieces is characteristic—Buriassi isn’t interested in looking like anyone else. “I like to be myself and wear what I feel comfortable in,” she says.

Photo by Liza Voll

The Details—Street:
Vera Wang jacket:
“I bought it in New York last year. It’s very elegant and very warm at the same time.”

Diesel jeans:
“I will wear jeans almost every day.”

Steve Madden shoes:
“During Nutcracker season, I like to just wear boots or Uggs or sports shoes. But I really like high heels. I’m Italian, and in Italy people wear a lot of high heels.”

Photo by Liza Voll

The Details—Studio

Gray leotard:
“This one is definitely one of my favorites. I really like the shape and I feel very comfortable in it.”

“It’s actually a scarf that I bought a long time ago in Germany. I’m very attached to it. I always put it around my waist and it looks like a little skirt, but it really keeps my lower back warm.”

Wear Moi pointe shoes:
Buriassi prefers to wear her pointe shoes for all of class, but lately has been taking barre on flat to help with her hyperextension.