The Pros' Pre-Show Rituals

November 28, 2001

While warming up in the wings today at the Germantown Performing Arts Center, I noticed some pre-show rituals that the professional dancers used. Running around the stage seemed to be the most popular. Everyone was very relaxed, joking around and laughing. Praying and vigorous relevés also took place. I also noticed that some of the dancers were hurt, yet when they stepped onto the stage they completely tuned their injuries out. 

I was first to perform. Peeking from the curtain (which is the first move in my dance) I could see the gigantic crowd that came to watch. The performance went really well, getting to perform onstage like I was in a company was really cool! I am really happy to be able to see what life as a professional dancer is like, along with having experiences of a lifetime.

Off To Dance,

Tyler Donatelli


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