This Upcoming Audition Allows Dancers to Be Seen by 9 Companies at Once

November 18, 2021

Professional auditions can often be the trickiest part of being a dancer. Deciding which companies to audition for, how to get there and what to prepare for each one easily becomes a maze of decisions that leaves your mind and body tired before you even arrive at the studio. Plus, paying the travel expenses for each separate company puts extra strain on your wallet, and sometimes limits dancers’ abilities to be seen altogether. In recent years, multi-company group auditions—like Europe’s Grand Audition—have gained popularity as one-stop alternatives, offering dancers the chance to be seen by a host of directors at once. 

Ballet California’s National Master Audition is one such opportunity. The two-day event will take place this year on December 28 and 29 at the Lauridsen Ballet Centre in Torrance, California. Dancers will participate in one ballet and one modern class, with the chance to be seen by directors from Ballet Austin, Ballet Idaho, Ballet Theatre of Maryland, Columbia City Ballet, Contemporary West Dance Theatre, Grand Rapids Ballet, Louisville Ballet, Milwaukee Ballet and Orlando Ballet. After both classes, directors will call back candidates they are interested in.

To attend, submit a completed application at Ballet California’s website. Though the original application deadline was listed as November 20, the date has now been extended to December 1, 2021. The fee to apply is $400.