Audition Tips from the Pros

November 28, 2001
Always wondered what directors and choreographers look for at an audition? At the “Getting the Job” Artist Talk Series at the School at Steps last Friday, the panelists (Josh Bergasse, Ruthlyn Salomons, Lucille DiCampli and Tiffany Little Canfield) gave the inside scoop on traits employers want to see in dancers:
1. Have a “happy to be here, happy to work attitude”: Bring positivity to the audition. Being technical is not enough, the director has to want to work with you so your personality and attitude matter! —Lucille DiCampli, talent agent, McDonald Selznick Associates

2. Always be prepared: Have a headshot, dance shot and resume ready. Also, try to be “google-able” and have a reel on YouTube that shows off your strengths. —Joshua Bergasse, choreographer, NBC’s “Smash”

3. Stamina: Don’t mark combinations. If you don’t dance full out, how will a director know if you can handle long hours of rehearsal and many shows a week? —Ruthyln Salomons, resident dance supervisor, The Lion King

4. Never judge yourself and give-up: Don’t compare yourself to other dancers and lose hope, the directors might have had their eyes on you and were rooting for you. There are going to be enough “no’s” in the world, don’t be the one to tell yourself “no.” —Tiffany Little Canfield, casting director, Telsey & Co