The Red Shoes: Next Step Is the Newest Addition to Your Ballet Movie Repertoire

November 6, 2023

As temperatures drop and hygge sets in, you may be in search of your newest post-rehearsal flick. Look no further than the latest addition to our beloved ballet movie repertoire, The Red Shoes: Next Step.

Directed by Jesse Ahern and Joanna Samuel (Mad Max), the unrated coming-of-age dance drama releases in the U.S. on DVD and streaming platforms on November 7. It stars a cast of familiar faces: Juliet Doherty (High Strung: Free Dance), Lauren Esposito (The Conjuring 2), Ballet International Gala director Joel Burke, former Boston Ballet dancer Primrose Kern, Ashleigh Ross (Dance Academy), and Carolyn Bock.

A movie poster for "The Red Shoes: Next Step" shows Julie Doherty in a long, sheer white dress balancing in retire derriere wearing red pointe shoes.
Courtesy ShineHouse Group.

Featuring choreography by former Australian Ballet principal Daniel Gaudiello, the film tells the story of a young dancer named Sam Cavanaugh who, after a sudden life-changing event, must confront her fears and overcome emotional obstacles to step onstage again—and reignite her love for ballet.

The Red Shoes: Next Step pays homage to the 1948 psychodrama The Red Shoes when Sam dances the lead role of Victoria Page in the school’s performance of the ballet. So snuggle up and get ready to enjoy more dance on your TV, laptop, or wherever you watch!

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