"Breaking Pointe" Season 2, Episode 7 Recap

November 28, 2001

“Breaking Pointe” fans have gotten used to The CW exaggerating Ballet West’s backstage drama. Sometimes, the tortured plot lines are simply laughable (that Beckanne-Chase-Zach lover’s quarrel, anyone?). But in capturing the company’s opening-night anxieties in last night’s episode, it was finally spot-on.


Since it’s the end of the season, many dancers feel like they have something to prove onstage. Rex successfully pushes through his foot injury to show Adam he has what it takes to be a principal (though I wonder how far that pushing set back his recovery time). Ian, unfortunately, breaks his finger during dress rehearsal, and has to spend what was supposed to be his last performance with Ballet West watching from the audience. Christiana attempts to keep her personal life from interfering with her dancing, and she berates herself for briefly coming off pointe into a plié—yet in reality, she performs beautifully, and her mistake is so graceful that the plié simply looks like part of the choreography. Throughout it all, Allison waits to see if Jonathan, her boyfriend in Detroit, will finally come watch her dance. At first, it broke my heart when we learned he didn’t. But I’m actually thankful—a cad like that doesn’t deserve to steal a dancer in the prime of her career away from ballet.