"Bunheads" First Season Finale

November 28, 2001

The first season of “Bunheads” closed its curtains this week with the finale episode, optimistically titled “Next.” A rambling bildungsroman, the show is essentially a choreography of stories about dancers at all ages following their dreams and facing reality. Michelle wakes up with a gorgeous Godot and courageously sets out for Los Angeles to audition for a part in a musical. Even though the audition is a sham, Michelle’s performances earn her the admiration of her bunheads. Sasha contemplates having sex with Roman, researches Our Bodies, Our Selves with her friends, and reaches out to Michelle for advice. From Fanny’s comical sex-education class to the startling but touching shared moment between Ginny and Michelle, “Next” celebrates the importance of community in the dance world. The episode culminates in a tongue-in-cheek group dance performance of “Making Whoopee.” With its playful lightness and poignant depth, the finale begs the question of whether a second season is in store for “Bunheads.”