Jennifer Garner, Ballet's Biggest Fangirl, Is At It Again

November 7, 2017

Ever since Jennifer Garner’s first “Tutu Tuesday” post starring Tiler Peck popped up three weeks ago, we’ve been eagerly awaiting her weekly installment. Garner seems to be on an American Ballet Theatre kick: last week she featured Isabella Boylston, and this week it’s James Whiteside (and Boylston again).

“No matter what he’s dancing you can always tell he’s a rascal,” says Garner of Whiteside, referring to the link in her Instagram profile leading to Whiteside’s virtuosic ballet/old-school jazz choreography to Louis Armstrong’s “You Rascal You” (really a must watch). Garner also praises Whiteside’s athleticism and soulfulness, and calls out his alter-ego, pop singer and drag queen JBDubs.

Garner’s only been on Instagram since September, but she has quickly become our favorite non-dance celeb. In addition to her ballet posts (and excellent Photoshop skills), her account shows her taking a chicken for a walk and reading to her costumed dog. We can’t wait for Tuesday—who will be next?