Misty Copeland Shines in New Photography Book

September 22, 2016

When photographer Gregg Delman saw an image of Misty Copeland while flipping through a magazine, he knew immediately that he wanted to work with her. He cold called her agent, and was able to set up a photo shoot—which soon led to several others.

That was back in 2011, and the result of those sessions, Misty Copeland, will be released this Tuesday, September 27. “In my portraits, I try to arrest the essence of a person, their personality, their talent, and that inexplicable thing that draws me—and a larger audience—to them,” Delman wrote in the introduction to his book.

His photographs showcase Copeland’s strength, beauty and passion, and show a sexier side to the artist than what we see when she’s onstage, in costume. “For the majority of our shoots there was no glam squad or walls of wardrobe,” Copeland wrote in her forward to the book. “I did my own hair and makeup, wore my own clothes, and just like that, we’d get to work.” The result is an unfiltered look at one of today’s most dynamic, game-changing ballerinas.

This Monday at 6 pm, New York’s Rizzoli Bookstore will host a conversation with Copeland and Delman to celebrate the book’s publication. Find the details here.

Photo by Gregg Delman

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