Our Best Tips: All Things Feet

September 27, 2016

The elusive banana arch, that make-or-break detail looming large in the minds of ballet students, isn’t as important as you might think. That is, the hyper-curved foot might be a beautiful blessing for some, but pursuing strong and articulate feet is far more important than obsessing over mere aesthetic. After all, no one is hired for their feet alone. Read on for all things feet, and our best strength and alignment tips:

  1. Beautiful, capable feet are supported by properly fitted shoes. We detailed everything you need to know about fitting pointe shoes.
  2. Calluses are like armor for your feet. Take proper care of them by following these guidelines.
  3. Are foot stretchers safe? It seems like everyone uses them, but they also look like torture devices. We asked a physical therapist for his advice.
  4. The best way to deal with feet you’d like to change? Work with what you have. Here’s how.
  5. Wish you could make your tootsies less painful? Get more sleep!
  6. And finally, an ode to more moderate arches, the underappreciated yet oh-so-stable foundations of the dance world.

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