Quick Warm-Ups for Cold Weather

November 28, 2001

Winter is coming, whether you’re ready for the frigid temperatures or not. And it seems like no matter how much your studio cranks up the heat, warming up takes twice as long after shuffling in from the snow. Pointe got physical therapist Katie Lemmon, who works with Joffrey Ballet dancers, to share her favorite ways to fire up the body fast.

Plank Variation
A plank usually does the trick, but this advanced version creates extra heat. Start in a push up position, with your shoulders over your hands, and your spine making a strong, straight line. Bring your right knee to your chest without changing your alignment. Hold for five seconds, return to the plank and repeat with the left leg. Continue sets until you feel a burn in your core.

Walking Lunge
This is another variation on a common exercise: lunges. Starting with your feet in a parallel first position, step your right leg out to a 90 degree lunge, so your knee centers over your foot and your back leg is straight. Push off your left leg, and as you transfer your weight to your right leg, pull the left into a parallel passé, bringing the arms to high fifth. Continue to the left side. If you want a challenge, take the passé on relevé.