SFB Principal Frances Chung Totes Massage Oil for Sore Muscles In Her Dance Bag

November 20, 2014

What gets top billing in San Francisco Ballet principal Frances Chung’s dance bag? Oil. Massage oil, first of all. “I do self-massage all the time,” she says. “It’s extremely relaxing, and it really helps your muscles recover.” That explains her array of massage tools, too, including a hot-pink foot roller she’s had since she graduated from Canada’s Goh Ballet Academy. Usually she doesn’t get oiled up until after rehearsal, though: “I don’t want to be a slippery partner!”

And then there’s her dance bag itself, a small tote reading “Je suis Prodigieuse.” “Prodigieuse is this other oil that’s amazing for skin, hair, everything,” she says. “I have a bottle of it with me at all times—I’m obsessed. I got this bag for free, but it’s kind of perfect because I’m a walking ad for Prodigieuse anyway.”

Kyle Froman for PointeKyle Froman

The Goods

Water bottle, CD of rehearsal music, Prodigieuse oil, massage oil, bag of hair supplies, bag of toe supplies, moisturizer, ski pants (“They’re so warm, and I’m from Canada, where it’s always easy to find a pair”), practice skirt, socks, pointe shoes (“The gold ones are Cinderella’s magic slippers”), flat shoes, back roller (“slash IT band roller, slash calf roller, slash psoas digger”), foot roller, snack bars, iPhone and headphones (“I’m all about warm-up music—for something like Wayne McGregor’s Borderlands, it,’s usually Beyoncé”), notebook (‘ for rehearsal notes, but also for doodlingf), Emergen-C, scissors.