Inside Charlotte Ballet Artist Sarah Lapointe's Dance Bag

June 24, 2021

Throughout her career with Charlotte Ballet (and through her years of training), Sarah Lapointe has picked up some tricks. Take, for instance, the plain black socks she prefers to traditional ballet slippers: “When I first started my professional career, I wore flat shoes for class. But then I saw some people wearing socks, and I figured I would give it a try. I’ve stuck with it ever since—I feel like I’m able to roll through my feet better.”

Another hard-earned secret? Orajel. And, no, Lapointe isn’t nursing a dental injury—she uses it on her toes. “I actually learned that trick from a friend in high school, and I thought there was no chance it would work. But it did, and it really helps to numb any pain I might have.” It’s the sort of wisdom that only the pros are privy to, but dig a bit in Lapointe’s bag of tricks, and you’re sure to pick up a few pointers.

A tutu and dance bag rest on the floor, surrounded by pointe shoes, ballet slippers, booties, a foam roller, snacks and various first aid supplies.
Jeff Cravotta

Freed of London pointe shoes: “I’ve worn Freeds ever since I started dancing with the company. I felt that finding my maker helped me to feel more comfortable in the shoes—I wear Butterflies and Castles.”

“I always have a pair of flat shoes, but I don’t use them very often, because I like to take class in black socks. I like seeing the line of my foot without a shoe.”

“I love my rolly ball from Discount Dance Supply. It has these little spikes that really trigger the muscle, and I feel like it digs deeper than another ball would.”

Gaynor Minden stretch band: “I actually did a photo shoot with Gaynor Minden, so I’m on the cover of the packaging for this stretch band. I got to keep it from the shoot, and I actually use it all the time!”

“I have a little roller stick, which I like because it’s easier to carry around than a foam roller. I’ll come into the studio a little earlier and just go to town on my calves, because they’re always sore.”

Yeti water bottle: “I try to fill it up at least three to four times a day so I can stay hydrated.”

Sarah Lapointe lays on her stomach and props herself up on her right hand, tilting her head to the right and smiling towards the camera. She wears a green leotard, white tutu and pointe shoes, and is surrounded by various dance supplies.Jeff Cravotta

Snacks: “After class, we have a 15-minute break to get ready for rehearsal, so I always grab a snack or two to get ready for my day. I try to eat some protein, like beef jerky, and some fats from nuts. I also eat something with sugar, to keep my energy up, like fruit snacks or vanilla granola.”

“I like to switch between shorts and tights throughout the day—if I feel like I’m getting too sweaty in one rehearsal, I like to change for the next, so I can stay fresh. But I always stick with black, so I can wear really fun-colored leotards.”

Orajel: “I know you usually think of using Orajel for your mouth, but I use it on my feet! If I have a blister or something that’s really bothering me, I use a little to numb it.”