Find a Sense of Escape in This Quarantine Dance Film by Lia Cirio and Paul Craig

April 15, 2020

After many weeks stuck at home, it can be easy give into feelings of frustration. But when Boston Ballet principals Lia Cirio and Paul Craig realized that their jobs would be put on hold, they were determined to use this time creatively, and decided to see only each other and become “quarantine buddies,” leaving them free to dance together while maintaining safety precautions. The result is a new short film titled “Reverie,” released today.

“Paul and I decided to collaborate on something to stay sane, stay in shape and just have something fun to work on,” says Cirio. The duo choreographed the four-minute film together, and joined forces with two friends: videographer Ernesto Galan, and musician Josh Knowles. Cirio and Craig starred in Knowles’ music video, “Same,” last year. “Working with Josh is always easy and inspiring,” says Cirio. “It made the creation even more memorable.”

The film is true to its name, moving from homebound stir-craziness to a glorious daydream, shot in a gorgeous, light-filled atrium. The location came courtesy of Galan. “He suggested his friend’s stunning house to film in, and had a cool vision of the concept of the overall video,” says Cirio. She’s quick to point out that although the group worked together, they took necessary precautions throughout the creative process, from wearing masks to practicing social distancing. This is clear at 1:38, when Knowles serenades the dancers from a safe distance.

“Paul and I wanted to create this piece to show the world that art can be created anywhere, even in a little space, and that in difficult times like these, continuing creativity and imagination can bring some escape,” says Cirio. “Art is our outlet, and its beauty is a welcome distraction for all.”