Web Exclusive: Reverence Questions with NYCB Principal Megan Fairchild

October 1, 2016

Do you prefer the consistency of doing the same show eight times a week or the variety of mixed rep?

I like both. I’m a creature of habit, so I completely took to the Broadway lifestyle. What’s nice about it is that you know your show: you know the little moments you’ve got to tackle, and other than that you just have fun. And coming back now, I’m definitely loving City Ballet’s schedule. A lot of these ballets I’ve been doing for a decade. Now I’m excited to do them again; everything feels fresh.

Do you have any advice for students wanting to be professional dancers?

If it doesn’t happen the way you thought it was going to happen, there’s always going to be another audition or another year. Try not to let discouragement hold you back from continuing to work hard, because that’s what gets you to where you need to go.