Forget the PSL. Try These 4 Healthy Fall Snacks for Dancers.

October 18, 2017

Looking for creative and healthy ways to get your pumpkin fix this fall? First, back away from the pumpkin-spiced latte—the season’s unofficial drink is often laced with sugary syrup and comes with a complimentary mid-rehearsal crash. Instead, try these simple snacks with puréed pumpkin. It’s high in beta-carotene, which converts to immunity-boosting vitamin A, and is a good source of vitamin K, iron and fiber. You can buy it canned or make the purée from a “sugar” or “pie” pumpkin (they’re commonly available at grocery stores or farm markets).

Fall Smoothie

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– Make a smoothie with purée as the base.

– Blend in traditional pumpkin pie spices, a banana, milk and ice.

Fruit-and-Spice Toast

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– Spread purée onto whole-grain toast.

– Top with sliced pear.

– Add a dash of cinnamon.

Seasonal Yogurt

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– Mix purée into plain Greek yogurt.

– Sprinkle with dried cranberries and pecans for sweetness and crunch.

Dressed-Up Dip

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– Blend pumkpin purée into plain or garlic hummus.

– Serve with raw veggies for dipping.